Lehman College is grateful for support from the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and the Irish National Lottery supported by the Ireland-United States Commission for Educational Exchange (Fulbright Commission) for our research projects. The Irish support included funding for ten years of curriculum development grants, Fulbright foreign language teaching assistants sent from Ireland to Lehman College during six years, and Gaeltacht Summer Awards for four Lehman students in 2011, three students in 2012, two students in 2013, two students in 2014, one student in 2015, one student in 2016, two students in 2017, and two students in 2018. From 2012 to present funding was provided for our speakers series (including five symposia) as well.

Additionally funding has been provided in the past from a number of PSC-CUNY Awards, jointly funded by The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York. Likewise, a George N. Shuster Fellowship Fund (Lehman College) and a Schoff Fund (University Seminars at Columbia University) award were applied to these research projects.

Over the years, the scholars working with the Irish language program at Lehman College have published several journal articles and books. The Irish language textbook, Colloquial Irish, with on-line sound files has sold over 4,000 copies. In 2020, a second volume, Colloquial Irish 2, was launched. Both volumes include hundreds of sound files of native speakers of the Cois Fharraige dialect. For a complete list of the authors and actors, visit . Additionally, in 2019, Tomás Ó hÍde authored a monograph focusing on folklore collected from seanchaí Seáinín Tom Ó Dioráin, primary actor in the 1935 film Oidhche Sheanchais. This volume is the culmination of research completed in line with curriculum development for a Lehman College course, IRI 350 Folklore in the Irish Language. Currently, for 2020-2021, a PSC-CUNY award has been issued to enable initial research for a curriculum project focused on our IRI 230 Irish Language Film course.